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PHILIPS Essential 3U PLCE 18w / 23w E27 Energy Saving Bulb
Price RM10.00 - RM13.00
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Colour temp

Wattage / lumen selection

  • 18w / 1170 lumens
  • 23w / 1420 lumens

Colour temperature available

  • Warm white 2700k
  • Cool Daylight 6500k

Product specification

  • The Essential range is a standard stick-shape compact fluorescent lamp, with the lowest purchase price.It is available in 18W and 23W, with lumen equivalence of 100W and 125W incandescent light bulb.
  • It consumes up to 80% less energy than the incandescent light bulb.
  • Energy saving
  • Long-life alternative to incandescent lamps
  • High energy efficiency
  • The Essential range is widely used to replace incandescent light bulb at all kinds of general lighting applications.
  • It is not suitable for dimming and electronic devices.