Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 17 cm x 6 cm
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Portable UV germicidal lamp: The lamp is only 5.5X4.7X16cm (L*W*H), compact and lightweight, convenient to carry out, not occupying much space.

360 No Dead Angle Active Sterilization: UVC + Ozone technology ,360 no dead angle sterilization, 250-270nm 99.9% sterilization wavelength, safe.

Ultraviolet Ozone sterilization: no peculiar smell, no side effects, no consumables, no need to add chemical reagents, filter formaldehyde, purify the air, remove mites, bacteria and pet bacteria, and protect the safety of the baby.

Easy To Use:Single button on, 30min timing setting, active sterilization, active purification, bacteria, odor and virus.Charging and DC are dual-purpose, fully charged, and can be used 4-6 times at a time, with a service life of 8,000 h.

Widely Used: application: small space, small items, such as mask,glasses,phone,vehicles, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, cabinets,baby supplies, bathrooms,etc.


1.UVC Ray is harmful to eyes and skin, don't look at the lamp when it 's light up.
2.People/pet/plants can`t expose to the light.
3.Ozone has a strong oxidation that harmful to human body,after disinfection with UVC+Ozone, please open the window and door to vent the ozone at least for15 minutes then enter.